Saturday, January 28, 2012

Which Category? Blessed or Cursed?

"At 17, I was determined to do 2 things: get a college education and get that education at the small private college of my choosing, TCU. I did both. I went on and got a Master's degree--all paid for with grants and loans. I knew I would be paying back forever, but the concept of interest made no sense to me. Looking at this statement, it is startling to see the interest exceed the actual principle of the loan. And this isnt my only loan! I am proud that the balance is under $3000, but let this be a lesson to those making careful decisions about where to spend their college years."

I posted this on my Facebook wall this week after getting this student loan statement:

At 35, I am damn proud of myself.   I still feel like I might never get it paid off, but it doesn't make me sick to my stomach to think about anymore.  Let me be clear, it wouldn't matter where I chose to go to school--I would have needed loans.  

In response to my post, a girl I know posted this comment:
We are still paying off my husbands school loans but we have been determined to pay cash for my schooling. I love UNT cuz it is possible(not easy) to pay cash. We have been so blessed that God has helped provide so we dont go into further debt
 Um.  This is bothers me on so many levels.  Suggesting that God has made it possible for this person to attend school without debt because she is "blessed" is downright insulting.  Does this mean God didn't choose to "bless" me by being able to pay cash for school?  This person is lovely.  A giving, warm-hearted person, but so incredibly naive to believe at 22ish that her ardent belief in evangelistic Christianity has made it possible for her to go to school debt-free.  It is perhaps isolated to the upper-middle class evalgelistic soul who believes that those who don't believe as they do end up suffering.  I mean, there's a reason these Mega-Churches preaching the prosperity doctrine are filled with upper-middle class white people.

Okay, I don't normally take my Musings in this direction, but life in surubia forces it from time-to-time.  Especially when I live deep in the Bible Belt and one of the few places that the recession hasn't completely devastated.

End Rant.

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