Sunday, January 15, 2012

We are THOSE Parents. Laughing at our Kid.

I've totally neglected my bloggy-blog. This new year has started at a run, to say the least.

My Monkey had surgery on Friday to put a new set of tubes in his ears and to remove his adenoids.  Since his tubes have fallen out, he's had several ear infections and Chris and I are serious about stopping the antibiotic trend now.  Before taking the wee one back for surgery (he really had no idea what was happening--we just told him that the doctor was going to fix his ears), they gave him some twilight medication to ease any anxiety he might have.  The parents around us had concerned looks, but we weren't there yet.  Nope.  No, we were the parents laughing uproariously, and those of you who have heard me laugh know this is LOUD, because our kid was Funny.  Funny with a capital 'F.'  Being the solicitous parents we are, we even caught the goods on video for your viewing pleasure.  Yes, that is my snort.


A.B. said...

I wub him. And he's funny. Those parents are boring.

Angela said...

Love it! <3

Deana said...

It's my finger. Bite it.

It's wrong how funny I think this is. And how many times I've watched it. But I don't wanna be right.

Anonymous said...

Oh Courtney, we were once those same laughing parents with a happy, drunk 3 year old Calie. Went in a happy drunk and came out one too. "Mommy why are there 2 of you?" Then she help her popsicle, closed one eye, stuck out her tongue and took aim. Only to have it land squarely on her cheek. We were NOT respectful parents in the recovery room! Sheri