Thursday, January 26, 2012

Adventures in Poop. Vol. II

Ell-Monster had a make-up gymnastics class yesterday evening.  Chris and I did a quick hand-off, where as soon as I walked in the door to take care of Brook-Brook, he loaded Ell up in the car and off they went.  Around 15 minutes later, I received a text from my dear husband saying,
Your son just informed me that he removed his diaper and is now going commando.
Sneaky little toot!  I mean we've been working on the potty-thing at home, but out?  No way in hell. . . . I mean, unless the parentals are pre-occupied with kid hand-off.  So yeah. . . that's how the E-Monster got to experience his first public toilet.  After the morning I had, I was glad for Daddy to take a hit.  Vengeful?  Maybe.  Fair?  Absolutely.

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