Sunday, June 3, 2012

She is a Statistic

You know how all things medical list the possible side-effect, the things that will happen like 1:2 kajillion patients?  Well, that happened at my house this weekend.  Brook-Brook ran fever all day Friday & Saturday before this pesky rash appeared.

This is how we spent all day on Saturday.  Seriously.  All day.  

I'll eat yogurt, but that may be it for the day, Mommy.

Sunday morning, I started noticing the dots. . . and started connecting them, figuratively.

A few more on the trunk. . .

Sunday afternoon,I could see the rash for a while before it would show up in a pic, but here it is by around 5:00.  

I'm sure everyone has it figured out, it just took Mommy a while to piece it all together--she has the chicken pox.  One of the "very rare" cases developed after receiving the vaccine.  I read conflicting information on if she is contagious, so we'll be venturing to the pediatrician on Monday morning--after 3 straight days of fussiness and fever, I'm so over this, especially since she's not really eating much. . . or drinking much for that  matter.  Ugh.  

I'm trying not to let my neurotic-self freak out that tomorrow is the all-important First Monday at my job, meaning that I'm crunched at work.  This is even more stressful since Chris is in a class this week for work that has been rescheduled twice now.  Read:  he can't miss work.  These things never happen at a convenient time, or so I hear.  

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Loosy said...

POOR little thing. And poor mom. Sending her hugs and frozen treats from Seattle. xoxo