Sunday, June 10, 2012

Exorcism Needed?

I generally think, as every mom does, that I have the cutest, sweetest, most handsome boy around.  Not to mention smart.  I mean really.  Look at this:

I rest my case.

Only not really, because despite repeated warnings from more seasoned moms that "three is worse than two," I refused to believe that this would happen to my sweet boy.  I was wrong.  Incredibly, totally wrong.  This weekend he in turned charmed and cursed us.  Turned whining up to a new level.  Learned to selectively ignore me.  Started yelling that he wanted something "now."  Jumping on his bed after being put in bed for the night.  Beating on the wall after his father had reminded him to go to bed not once, but twice.  Refused to pick up his toys, only to then have a complete meltdown when said toys were removed from his bed because they were Mommy's now.  We've put him in his room more the past two weeks to gain his self-control than in his whole life.  Had to place the toilet paper on the high shelf in the guest/kid bath because of excessive TP abuse (Beware if you are visiting to think ahead before sitting).  Blue Blank (treasured blanket made by my aunt) moved to Mommy's room because it was just too much for him to pick up.

Chris looked at me tonight and said, "So he's just testing his boundaries, right?"  I'm wondering if I had answered no, if he might have asked to give him away to the highest bidder.  So the whole "It Gets Better" isn't just a campaign for LGBT teens--it's for parents of three year olds, too, right?


A.B. said...

I think G was channeling monster Elliott last night. It took TWO HOURS for him to go to bed. HOURS.

Maybe G will come livew ith you when he is 3. I mean, you'll be a warrior by then.

WhisperingWriter said...

Yeah, my kids always had their ups and downs at certain ages. My daughter is 5 and can get sassy still.

Jesse Cruz said...

welllll, yes and no. My son is 13 (sorry here it comes) - so YES your son is testing his boundaries; and he's testing your sanity and your paint job.

However - this is the time where you push right back. You have to stand at that line like a guard dog. They can smell blood in the water - I swear they can. For a long time I walked around my house with earplugs in ALL DAY. (I still do this on long family car trips) I find that if I can't hear the volume at full tilt it takes the edge off. Kind of like valium - but not exactly.

The calmer you stay and the FEWER words you use the better. I tend to freak out and he caught on. So now, unless his pants are on fire - my answer is usually "hmmmm that's interesting".

Oh and make the consequence the same 100% of the time. So if you remove his treasures one by one (like you did) then you can even make the order of removal the same. The calmer you stay the more surprised he'll get.

But whatever you put up with today, you will have to put up with - tomorrow and the day after that. It's exhausting - but I PROMISE it works.

BTW - SOO glad that OHMommy connected us!

jill said...

the 3yo at my house has been a raging monster lately. no and now are his favorite words and the whining has escalated to intolerable. i haven't heard too many negatives about 4. hope that's a better year.