Monday, June 7, 2010

Only a 15 1/2 month break. . .

Turns out that baby-raising is tough. Tough, I tell you. That has lead to total abandonment of my blog. I have been reading so many blogs lately that I start composing in my head and then find all words have escaped me when I sit down to write.

As for Elliott, he is an amazingly happy child, especially considering his oh-so-tough first 4 months. While I have studied child development for years (years, I tell you), it is remarkable to see the development happening in your own kitchen. This is also to say that working for 10 years with children of varying impairment levels has left me completely in awe of normal development. Turns out that what I think is advanced is likely normal, and that is fine with his mama. And yes, he says that word plus about a million (or fifty) more. See, now I'm back to thinking he's pretty darned amazing.

[This is a SOOC (straight out of camera) image, haven't had time to edit yet. I have become slightly obsessed (again) with photography after reading The Pioneer Woman. I bought a reflector kit off of Amazon last week. You might assume I will know how to use such things, and by that assumption you will be dreadfully wrong. I am also lusting after a new lens for my camera. Lusting. Sigh. My question is, with all of the Photoshop editing, do people actually print the pictures. And if so, do they look decent?]

This is the edited version. A bit better, I think. Think. Not sure.

So back to Elliott--that's his "wubby" (aka, Lovey) just before bed tonight. Normally I don't try to settle my child by flashing lights in his face, but I had to snap a few of his beeeee-hind in order to get advice on a dreadful rash and couldn't pass up the opportunity.

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M,D,Esquare said...

ahhhhh, so nice to see you blogging again. :) Elliott is beautiful and sooo blessed to have such wonderful parents. Keep posting those photographs!