Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friends? Penpals? Both.

Since I got pregnant, actually before that, I joined an internet group focused on children born in February 2009. I started posting way back in June of 2008, a couple of weeks after I got pregnant. So for two years largely the same group of women have shared our ups and downs of pregnancy and parenting. As with any group, there are people with whom I have 'clicked' with better than others.

Well yesterday was like a first date, because one of my closest friends from this group of ladies came for a visit. I was a bit nervous because with the anonymity of the internet, we had shared quite a bit of our lives with each other, without the burden of ties of the 'real world.' Jenn and her hubby, David, brought sweet little Christopher over for a playdate and dinner.

I [not so] secretly think Jenn might be my twin--we have the same sucky syndrome (PCOS), both struggle with weight, have the same sense of humor, same politics and both of our hubbys work in law enforcement. Knowing all of that, there's still a bit of a warm-up period when sharing the same breathing room. After that, though, it was wonderful. Jenn told me today as we left lunch that she now knew that I am "a real person." Indeed, I am a real person, and it was a relief to add a new friend with whom I could be just that--a real person. Not hiding anything. Finding sincere friends on the internet can certainly be a challenge, but the support I have gained has been immeasureable. I think that the relationships developed must been similar to penpals of old, sometimes it is easier to lay bare your thoughts when separated by circumstance and distance. . . and united by the same circumstance.

Here are some pictures of my internet real-life friend, Jenn, with Elliott and Boo.

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TheFabJG said...

Best. Trip. EVER! You're such a dear dear friend, Courtney. Soooo glad we're "official" now! lol