Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bloggy-blog Tag

Because I got a shout out from my dearest friend, Deana, I will answer these questions:

1. Favorite Color: Green. It's calming. It's nature. It means healthy things. Mostly though, it's calming and I need that.

2. Favorite Brand/ Designer: Does Target count? I'm guessing no.

3. Favorite Restaurant: Joe T. Garcia's. Long lines in which to drink your fill of knock-you-on-your-booty margaritas, an oasis of a patio and no rush to eat and leave. It is a place for families to relax and drink. Oh, and the food is good, too.

4.Hobbies: I could copy Deana's hobbies, but I'll restrain myself. Reading, photography, wine tasting, crossword puzzles, playing on the interwebs, digital scrapbooking (this may be something I just want to be my hobby. . .).

5.Favorite thing about yourself: My laugh. It's loud and contagious and I love it when people laugh.

6.What does your room look like? Some random clutter, a dresser, a bed without a headboard (total pet peeve), doggy stairs, fan, weird wicker chairs my mom thought I needed, nightstand, fan and lamp. It's a big room.

7.If you could have dinner with 2 people (dead or alive) who would they be? Probably one of my grandparents. And. . .? I dunno. This question is far too cliche for me to answer. Does that get me out of coming up with something?

8.What's your next "big splurge"? A new camera lens. Please. Soon.

9.What's your favorite joke, quote or saying? Can't remember a joke for the life of me. I have lots of quotes that I love. Simple and old: "Bloom where you are planted."

10.Anything else you would like us to know about you (random fact)?! I have no idea. . . I'm liberally living in conservy-ville.

So there you have it. Ten questions you probably didn't want to know the answers to and a good 180 seconds (300 if you're a careful reader) you'll never get back. So, it's my turn to tag someone, and I tag...

Put Down the Cupcakes

and YOU! Feel free to post in the comments or on your own blog if you have one

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Deana said...

Conservey-ville. I like it. I'm stealing that, FYI.