Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Food Mooch

Food Stealing 101, by Elliott:
1. Spot a bigger person across the room, innocently munching on food.
2. Toddle quickly over while dramatically rubbing your lips, signing "eat." Do this even if you just ate your weight in tasty morsels. Everyone knows other peoples' food tastes better.
3. Whine just a little while turning on you most adorable smile and beseeching look.
4. Hold out your hand or be so brazen as to just reach out and take the bigger person's food.

This is time-tested. It works. There is no further need for food envy anylonger.

(Warning: This may only work for wee people, as the cuteness factor is greatly decreased in people over the age of 4.)

1 comment:

TheFabJG said...

I would give Elliott my last bite of ANYTHING! He is so. flipping. adorable!