Sunday, January 18, 2009

13 days and counting!

Woohoo!  The end is in sight!  Not that I'm counting the moments or anything. . . Chris and I are both growing increasingly anxious for the moment I get to say "It's time" and head to the hospital to have our little boy.  I must admit that with all the anticipation, my level of discomfort grows.  Totally natural, from everything that I've read.  My hips hurt, my ankles are chronically swollen, I don't sleep much due to bathroom trips, I have terrible acid reflux and more and more Braxton Hick's contractions--Must be nature's way of making a mother ready for labor--I mean what else could make one anxious for that kind of pain???  

I started packing my hospital bag this week--that definitely makes things seem more imminent.  Of course, with all the preparations, I figure our little man will be late!  I do know for sure that 20 days from now, and no later, we will no longer be a family of 2, as my doctor will only allow me to go one week past my due date.  It is at once the most anxiety-producing, terrifying and exciting experience I have had to date in my life.  


Kevin & Grace said...

I pray for y'all daily and thru-out the day. Stay strong!!! Love ya!

Trisha said...

HOW EXCITING!!! We can't wait to meet Elliott!!! I will be praying for y'all in the next few days as we count them down!!! Love You All!