Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nursery Pictures!

The nursery is coming right along, so I thought I might post some pics of what it's looking like these days.  Chris and I have both worked really hard to get things arranged in there, and much credit goes to my dad for painting--especially the stripes!

The view of the wall where the door is.  This is a futon with the GREAT cover my parents gave us from my birthday!

This is the far wall opposite the door and at a 90 degree angle to the futon.  This (obviously) is the changing table and the cloth diapers on the second shelf and diapers and such on the bottom. We need to get the turtle print framed and hung.

This is opposite side of the window from the changing table: 

The dresser again. . . and the closet door.  The shelf at the end of the crib holds hats, socks, burp cloths, bibs and such.

The crib!


Barbara said...

Very cute room!

I saw Virginia Sp. yesterday and she was thrilled to get your Christmas card and to find out about Baby M! Be sure to send her a baby announcement. It would make her day!

Kevin & Grace said...

Awesome! Nice job!! I love it.....