Friday, January 30, 2009

THE Plan. . .

And the saga continues. . . I must warn you that this post is going to contain lots of discussion of 'internal checks' and cervix-related things.  If you feel nauseous, turn back now!  Pregnant women become completely immune to such things and forget that the rest of the world might be a bit queasy with their discussion.  

Obviously, I'm still home on bedrest.  I have learned to appreciate this break, even if it is mind-numbing at times.  I don't think I had realized how much working was stressing me and my body.  I can't remember the last time I have been this lazy, and I am certain I'll not get the chance to be this lazy again until, oh maybe, retirement!

On to the doctor appointment:

Good news is that bedrest is working.  My blood pressure was down a bit and there was no protein in my urine (small victory).  However, I still have mild pre-eclampsia, as evidenced by continued swelling in my face.  Evidently, it's only a matter of time before bedrest would no longer work due to hormonal changes.  So, Dr. White once again felt the need to stick his whole hand inside of me on a treasure hunt for my cervix.  Yowzers.  I would hope that for all that discomfort, at least there would be some change to give me hope.  Nope.  No change.  Grr.

This is not the outcome for which we were hoping.  Part of the equation that makes a woman a good candidate for induction is a 'favorable' cervix.  Mine has not changed significantly for 4 weeks.  Often if a doctor proceeds with an induction in the face of a less-than-favorable cervix, the outcome is a c-section.  I am hoping to avoid that at all costs!  SO, the new plan is that I will go to the hospital on Sunday night at 8pm and they will place a hormone-based gel, cervadil, next to my cervix to try and 'ripen' it or make it more favorable.  Then start the pitocin Monday morning, which is the actual induction drug.  Dr. White will delay breaking my water until he knows for sure that the pitocin is actually working.  This is good news, because if my water is broken and the pitocin doesn't work I would require a c-section because of the increased risk of infection.  If the pitocin doesn't work on Monday, he would withdraw the medicine and then that night place a different, stronger med next to my cervix and start the pitocin again on Tuesday.  

I hope this all makes sense.  Basically, we're still looking at Monday or Tuesday for Elliott's arrival.  Of course, we have packing to do and I plan on squeezing in one tasty meal out with dear Christopher before checking in on Sunday night, when they'll start withholding my food!  That makes me really grouchy under typical circumstances, I can only imagine how I will feel after a whole day of it!  Actually, I'm sure food will be the last thing on my mind by Monday evening. . .

We will update you all as soon as possible with pictures and details!  Send all the good vibes you can our way come Monday morning!


Elizabeth Wheeler McConaghy said...

Just a tip - even if you go to sleep early Sunday, make sure you have a significant snack at 11:45 to keep your spirits up before Monday. Also, if you can, take REALLY HOT sitz baths to help prepare the cervix.

MEGAN said...

Court! I cannot wait to see pics, I hope the induction went fantabulously and remember even if you end up with a C section, you are not a FAILURE...I had to tell myself this over and over...I love you friend and cannot wait to see his face!!! I'll be in Fort Worth in March due to Kitchen Painting up here...I wanna see this boy! Been praying from afar...Love, ME