Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two Things That Should NOT Go Together (Adventures in Poop, Vol. IV)

First trimester pregnancy and potty training.  Let me be more specific:  first trimester pregnancy and those potty chairs that require dumping of the matter into the actual toilet and then sanitizing (by. hand.) the pot.  My nemesis.  The Ell-Monster would prefer this little chamber pot (who knew I would ever have a use for this term in my for-real life?) because his feet touch, but selfish mommy has now hidden the insert for the chair because I.can't.handle.it.  I'm pretty much an awesome mom.

I may have mentioned these things not belonging together a time or two in previous blog posts, but I feel like I need to reiterate just in case anyone might be wondering.  I would not recommend it.  I could have written tonight about the amazing book I'm reading, birthday party adventures or even my craptastic day at work.  But somehow the lure of poop and pregnancy was calling again.


Michelle said...

LOL and ewww and I heard that!! Those things are gross.

I love that you have a poop tag for your blog.

Courtneytcu98 said...

You mean other people who have toddlers don't have poop tags?! Lol.