Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Few Cliches & Cuteless Overload

My baby boy is three, y'all.  THREE.

His first 6 months seemed like a hellishly long time, some of which I've tried to remember not to remember.  For real.  But from 6 months on, it's been a fun ride.  I mean, I 'm trying not to get all sappy and full of cliches, but really that's where I head.  I know that first pic is upside down--I have no idea how to fix it and it was just too cute.  The second one is the Ell-Monster headed home from the hospital.

SO to ring in THREE years, we had a big ol' birthday party.  It was unanimous success that cost a small fortune held at E's gymnastics gym.  (I think that's redundant, but I don't know how to fix it.  I blame the baby.  The one in my stomach).  I remember seeing pics from a birthday party one of my friend's had for her one-year-old and that I was certain I was not  going to be the parents with the over-the-top decorations, parent costumes and taking theme to extremes for a TODDLER.

Well, I'm still not that mom.  I was totally swayed to part with my hard-earned Holiday Bonus for birthday party fun because it didn't require crazy cleaning, crazy clean-up or crazy decorations.  I'm lazy, y'all.  I mean, I even ordered decorations from Etsy all printed and cut out instead of the PDFs because it just seemed too much.  None of it mattered because it was FUN.  And now is the time where I convince you by spamming you with cuteness.

How cute is that nephew of mine?  He LOVED the trampoline.  Loved.  

Really what I'm trying to say is that all the kids loved the trampolines.  

Did I mention that the party came with TWO facilitators?  They entertained, organized and corralled children, not to mention that they unloaded my car, decorated the room and then loaded my car back up at the end.  I LURVE them.  

Sweet baby standing up with just a bit of support from Aunt Manny.  No idea why Manny's hand appears purple here.  I must've mucked up the color balance.  Again.

Ell's friend Sophie.  He was beyond excited that his friends from the sitter were there for him.  

A little front roll action for Abby.

The kids loved chasing the balloons.  

Here they are sitting on the parachute.  This activity was beyond fun.  Nope.  I didn't get a picture.  I was having too much fun.   

Sweet Hudson hopping down the trampoline.  He really didn't want to leave that activity

Exactly a millisecond before Ell let go. . . on the count of one, not three.  Silly boy loves to fall into the pit.  

He got a medal! At first he proclaimed that it read "Happy Bir-day, Ehhyaa," but then loudly proclaimed, "I don't want it."  I was proud, I tell you.

So excited about candles.  This was the second attempt, because on the first he blew out the candles before we could sing or snap a picture one.  

With Cheyanne, his buddy from the sitter.

Aunt Deana and Little Bit.  

Balloons are so magical to kids.  I don't know why I forget such simple things.  So yep, it was a good day.  Beyond good.  And no need for me to put on a costume to prove it.  

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A.B. said...

You know people who wear costumes?

So much fun. It was bonus well spent.

G was greatly disappointed that the little gym didn't have a tramp.