Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blocked by the Big Decisions.

I think I have Blogging-Block.  I have brilliant blogging topic ideas while laying in bed or making a sandwich, but sit down to write and. . . nothing.  For serious.  Or the ideas that come to mind are dumb.  Uninteresting.

The current status of my life is diapers, making formula, working, saying "wait" to one child or the other about 50x per day, rinse and repeat.  The current hot topic for Chris and me is if we will be forced to buy a new vehicle.  You see, the back seat of his truck is pretty small, especially with two carseats.  Add a third?  Ha.  Well, it turns out that there is a super-skinny, super-safe, super-expensive carseat on the market that might make fitting three carseats in his truck a reality.  I say expensive, but compared to purchasing a new-to-us vehicle, there is no comparison.  See?  This is why I have Blogging-Block.  The sheer excitement is too much.

Keep your fingers crossed those darn carseats will fit.  I mean, I'm ready to be a mini-mama, but would rather not incur yet another payment to make.


Anonymous said...

I am a blog stalker of yours and have always loved your writing. Just had to comment today, as a mom of twins and a toddler, the Diono Radian that I assume you are talking about is great - we fit three across in my DH's Ford Fusion. Now that is magic! (But I do love my mini-van too.) Good luck with #3, I will be reading about your adventures!

Courtneytcu98 said...

This is so encouraging to hear! I was talking about the Diono Radian. My husband drives a GMC Canyon truck with 4 doors, so we are hoping, hoping, hoping that will work for him. I have a Ford Freestyle with three rows, so we know we can make that one work. :)