Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am Old. Turns Out, So is My Husband

New Year's Eve is rapidly approaching.  This is a holiday that totally stressed me out in the past.  The hoards of people "out" having a great time have always made me feel pressured to be out having FUN!  My dear friend, Karen, and I created a super-duper White Trash Bash party in 2003 to satisfy the need for FUN! and also our need for dress-up.  It worked.  Until I went and had babies, she moved to Arizona (she's back now) and this year, Karen and her hubby are off being a couple without kids and skiing.

This leaves us plan-less.  I really have no desire to dress up (I love my pajama pants), go out, spend a ton of dolla' that I could use for a million other things, leave my kiddies and be out with crazies.  That was how the whole White Trash Bash got started in the first place.  Chris kept asking me, "What do you want to do for New Year's?"  My response was to avoid eye contact and mutter an "I'm not sure. . ." and walk away.

Chris asked again yesterday, "Have you given any thought to New Year's Eve?"

My response was the norm--"uh. . . no. . ."

Chris responding, "Honestly, I would be perfectly home with us just staying home and hanging out."

For the first time in this discussion, I responded with gusto.  "Really?! I thought you wanted to go out."

I submit this as irrefutable proof that we are, indeed, old.  Old and boring.  Anyone want to join us on our home-drinking, movie-watching, fun-filled, FREE evening?


Candy said...

Sounds like a perfect evening to me. Last year we were in LA for the Rose Bowl. Greg and I went out to dinner in Beverly Hills and I had 3 glasses of wine which made me super sleepy. I was asleep by 9. This year, we are going to a kid friendly New Year Eve's Party which will last until kids' bedtime - then we'll be home and I'll be in my pajama pants.

Lacy said...

I must be old too because that is what we have planned as well!

A.B. said...

We've done this for multiple years WITHOUT kids. We've been old in the making for quite some time. Last year included a Michael Jackson special.

Lisa D said...

Well then we are pretty damn boring. We have stayed home the last 3 years in a row. I just have no desire to go out with all the idiots. I'd rather stay home in my PJ's, go to bed early and wake up and start the new year feeling great!