Monday, December 19, 2011

Let's Get Real

I'm all for being honest.  Most of the working moms I know talk about how much of a disaster zone their home is--to the point where we won't see each other in our respective homes because of the mess.  I told two of my friends today that if I'm waiting for my house to be perfect, I may never see them again.  I need to get over my mom's voice in my head that a mess makes it unacceptable to have anyone enter my door.  So here's my attempt at transparency.  It's okay.  You can judge.  And let it be known that my house looks this way and I still choose to do things like write a blog post, take a nap (if it's the weekend) and create a huge mess of popcorn and chocolate for little Christmas goodies.  Smart?  Likely no.  I'm just surviving--knowing there are things more important than folding laundry when I get a scant 2 hours per day with my kiddos during the work week and that by the time they are in bed, I am toast.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not one of those perfect moms.  I know I'm not the only one.  I'm definitely not like a co-worker of mine who told me, quite seriously, that she doesn't check her email or have a Facebook account because those things would have her waste time.  So if you're all for wasting time on the interwebs while unfolded laundry takes over your house, CHEERS!  Now be brave and post about your own unfinished chores.  Let's live a little and show that a little mess doesn't matter in the scheme of things.  

And some baby cuteness.  Actually, I can't decide if I like this squenched up face she is making, but the picture makes me smile, so I'll include it.  

And finally, if you were wondering how Chris and I look gussied up, here's a pic from my company Holiday Party that happened to be on my birthday Birthday Bash!


Shannon C said...

I am sooo right there with you. Spend a good deal of time hoping there is no major emergency that would require anyone other than those on the "approved" list to enter my house. On most days we are thankful to just have clean laundry that can most likely be found covering both couches. I am continually amazed at those who can keep it all amazingly together and tidy. I am not one of them. Thanks for sharing. You are not alone.

jill said...

i stay home with my kids and my house looks very similar. teach them young. my boy is already picking up his toys, putting dishes in the dishwasher and wiping the table. now if he just folded the clothes nicely, i'd be set.

A.B. said...

My house is perfect and amazing. There is never dog hair any where and laundry is always hung up immediately out of the dryer. I rarely waste time on the internet and have never once looked at pillows on etsy that were shaped like vagina's because THAT would be wasteful. (I didn't go searching for them, someone sent them to me.)