Sunday, September 14, 2008

A small taste of heaven. . . & Half-way updates

My mom convinced me to finally use the giftcard for a facial my sister gave me for my birthday.  Yep.  My birthday.  As in, takes place in December.  I'm bad about such things, I admit.  So my mom got a giftcard to the same place for a facial for Mother's Day, so it seemed like the perfect mother-daughter outing, especially since she made the appointment for me.

We braved exaggerated-Ike weather (seriously, like 2 wind gusts and some drizzle) and headed to Facelogic.  Dark room.  Reclined in a chair with knees bent comfortably.  Calming music.  Steamed towels on my face.  Scalp massage.  Finger massage.  Shoulder/chest massage.  All of this equalled bliss!  Of course by the end, Baby M was making my stomach growl horrendously loud which the aesthetician was polite enough to ignore.  I even left with a some new face 'product' ( as my sister would call it) to address my hormone-enraged skin.  Almost heaven.

On to other things. . . I can't believe I'm half-way through incubating Baby M!  The first trimester drug on and on and on. . . well, you get the pciture.  Now well into my second trimester, time is speeding on like crazy!  I am definitely feeling the urge to stock up on all things baby.  Right now the current debate is about bedding.  I found a beautiful custom set on Ebay very reasonably-priced--it is is a lovely damask print.  Very sophisticated, in my opinion.  But then, I've also fallen for an animal-themed bedding. . . I can't make up my mind!!!  Chris, bless his dear heart, is interested--just not passionate about it.  Understandable, to be sure.  My thoughts are torn--if we are still in our current home (as it looks now) the custom bedding is not overtly 'baby' BUT the animal-themed stuff is so cute.  I am worried that if I go with a theme that Baby M will be inundated with themed items.  I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me. . .

Other than the bedding-drama (not so dramatic to anyone but me), everything seems to be going well.  For the most part, I have energy and I feel well.  This is not to say there aren't aches and pains--chronic heartburn, achy feet, growing pains in my lower abdomen, back pain--oh, and difficulty sleeping.  All to be expected with the job, I suppose.  

Something that has returned to normal?  My appetite.  I have found my inner Betty Crocker, or as Betty Crocker as I get. . . I made some snickerdoodle cookies last night and tonight it was strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream.  Yummy.  And I couldn't pass up the brownie mix today at the grocery store.  Mmm.

That's it for now.  It's off to bed for me!

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Kevin & Grace said...

Yum! My favorite cookie........I'd love to come and help eat some of those Betty Crocker items. They are right up my alley!!! Glad you are feeling so well. Enjoy the blog! It's nice to read about baby M. I laughted out loud at some of your comments.