Sunday, September 21, 2008

Murphy and his law strike again! (Some good stuff, too)

Sometimes things come along just when you need them--like an acquaintance who was storing baby furniture and goodies in her garage for her son and wanted to sell to a first-time mom!  I was really needing some good news this week and it came in just the right time.  Today, Stephanie and I went to investigate what I was sure would be Baby M's furniture.  I was right!!!  The furniture had no outward, noticeable signs of wear and it was 50% off the regular price.  We got the convertible crib, changing table and a carseat with an extra base.  All of this was $320!  It is all dismantled right now, but when it's set up we'll post pics.  This good newshelps make up for the fact that:
1.  A large part of my hospital/doctor care bill is due.
2.  I might need 2 new tires for my car.
3.  My 'Service Engine Soon' light came on last night.

Bleh.  This is inevitable because we got that bonus check last week.  Savings was the plan, but there goes our plan!  Sometimes life has other ideas. . .

Everything with Baby M seems to be much the same as my last update.  The only big change is that I can feel him squirming around at least daily!  It is the most reassuring of sensations and makes me smile inside everytime I detect this movement.

On to housing news--Chris and I are getting very impatient to know what the future holds for us with housing.  Just as we contemplated taking our house off the market, it was shown Saturday to a couple who had already sold their house, so we know it is a must that they find a new place to live.  Their realtor even called Rod to arrange a special showing time--unfortunate for Chris' sleep, but well worth if it leads to our house selling.  

I'm pretty sure that if our house does sell, it will be in the next week because that is our luck and Murphy's Law.  We found out on Friday that Chris will be spending September 29th-October 6th in Galveston.  This will be a bit of a burden, but it's for good work and will include overtime pay, which will be much appreciated around here.  I figure our house will sell, he will leave and I will have to pick out a house without him!  Ah well, it would be a good burden to have, I think. 


Baby furniture sets said...

Hi I'm Judi. Reading your story just reminds me my old sweet memories. But when we had our first son Mike Joe and I were not as lucky as you are.

Buying used baby gears from private parents is not only about a cheaper price but, more important to me, the proven quality.

Congratulations to your good luck and amazing deal.

Trisha said...

Girl, you know me...its not good unless its onsale-or used :-)
Congrats on the excellent price! Thanks for putting the photo up!

Kevin & Grace said...

Good for you with the baby furniture!
Things always have a way of working out; same with the house....good luck!!!

Love the picture! What a handsome are glowing!!! Thanks for posting it! Been wondering how you looked! I knew it would be good!!! :o)