Monday, September 29, 2008

All by myself. . .

Yep.  The title is, indeed, true.  I'm living the single life for the next 7 days while mi esposo is working in Galveston helping with the hurricane recovery process.  Granted, the single life involves a 31-year old (almost 32) who is 22 weeks pregnant, full of aches and pains. . . not exactly living life on the edge of excitement.  

Truthfully, any excitement in this situation is because I get the bed to myself.  For a whole week.  Now, you may be thinking, "Poor Chris, doesn't she love him anymore???"  I do.  Promise.  BUT, my pregnant body loves sleep more.  Turns out that one full-sized body pillow, one 5 foot-long pregnancy pillow + one pregnant lady+one needy cocker spaniel +one husband is too much for one queen-sized bed.  Umm. Yeah.  Possible solutions occuring to you right now:

1. "Just throw the dog out of the bed!"  Clearly that means they have not spent time with my OCD dog, Humphrey.  I'm not exaggerating.  He's really certifiable OCD.  So kicking him out of the bed would lead to pacing and panting and scratching at the side of the bed, begging for permission.  Over and over and over. . . 
2. Get rid of a pillow or two!  I've taken a very informal survey, and pregnant women everywhere agree this wall o' pillows is vital.  Nonsense you say.  Ha.  Try sleeping on one side or the other, and nowhere in between combined with aching hips.  You'll see.  Those pillows are essential.
3. Get a bigger bed.  A good idea except we STILL haven't sold our house and a king-sized bed isn't going to fit in our bedroom.  And we love our bed.  It was a pretty penny that got us queen-sized memory foam heaven.

See my predicament?  This is exactly why I am thrilled to have 7 nights to spread out all over!  This means: sad during the waking hours because Chris is risking life and limb in Galveston and pure relief to climb into bed and not worry about crowding him.

I hope you all are having a restful week!

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Monica said...

Bless your heart Court. I can totally emphathize...I lived the "wall-o-pillows, OCD dog + one hair-hacking cat. Since a king bed wont fit, maybe you could convince Chris to get bunk beds? :) Hang in there, the last half goes really fast. -M