Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lessons from being Fired

I was fired today.  Not from my job in total, thank goodness, but from one patient.  My friend's son asked if I got "moved down a level."  Luckily, the answer to that is no, too.  I'm pretty glad life isn't like a video game in this instance.

I have to say that in 13 years of doing what I do, this is the first time I've had a parent be so blatant about her dislike of me and my approach(es).  I have had 2 other families cancel services with me and each time it is a blow to the ego, leaving me searching for reasons WHY.

Funny enough, my management duties often involve coaching other therapists through exactly this kind of situation & I've oft repeated that we all get fired in the course of treating for any length of time.  That's true.  The other nuggets of truth I'll add to that discussion are:

  • Each time it stings, leads to questioning of skill, doubt in what you have to offer.  
  • Questioning and reflection on skill is important, no matter how long you've been practicing your trade.
  • Underlying that ego-blow is RELIEF.  
  • If you so happen to dread interaction with a caregiver so much that you are nervous to tell about jury duty service, then that relief will wash through you with your second mixed drink--that spreading warmth a combination of a little buzz and the realization that you never have to take abuse from that particular parent ever. again.  HALLELUJAH.  
So much more I could say.  So.  Much.  But in the hopes of salvaging my professionalism, I'll stop. . . in a minute.  Just for the record, if I ever am in complete denial that my child needs limits or has failings, someone take me out back and beat some sense into me.  

**The part I left out was that after I left the home I was not the picture of calm.  It involved quite a bit of righteous indignation, well-timed curses & shaking with anger (no exaggeration).  I'll save that post for another day.

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Helen Hopkins said...

You can be righteous all day, you are very professional, very intelligent and know your job inside and out. We all know that in the course of life you run into bumps (parents, patients, students, etc.) that are difficult to deal with. Sometimes it is just a personality conflict and sometimes it is just that some people are jerks. This too shall pass! And, if you need beating I will take care of it later.