Thursday, July 5, 2012

What Our Fourth was Made Of

(should the 'of' be capitalized in the title?)

Midsummer celebration of freedom?  Yes, please.  We had a loverly day of swimming, bubbles, tractor riding, hamburgers and fireworks.

Yes, I was foolish enough to attempt another group photo.  Please note the new "cheese" face sported by my nephew, Griffin.

This one is almost straight out of the camera.  Her eyes really are that blue.

Griffin was 'helping'' push Ell on the tricycle (he refuses to pedal).  Chris encouraged waving.  Our version of an Independence Day parade.

Yep.  He really loves to pee outside.  I really loved the light in this photo, so I had to post it.

My mom's Fourth.  I was envious.

And my parents' arch-nemesis (plural?).  There's a plague.

He loved the smoke balls.

And the sparklers.

It was a memorable day, to be sure.  After waiting all day for it to be dark, Ell decided the fireworks hurt his ears and asked, "Daddy, can you not do that anymore?" He also commanded relentlessly that we all "cover our ears" each time Chris approached a fuse.  We saved some fireworks for Saturday, when we'll celebrate Amanda and Ben being finished with camp.  Tonight Elliott told me, "I'm so exciting for fireworks on Saturday."  Round Two--ding, ding.

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