Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Name Re-do. (Or a Turn at Crafting Genius)

This go-round with nesting tendencies, I'm a crafty beeyotch.  Or at least I aspire to be.  That's probably more like it.  So a year after upgrading Elliott to the BBB (Big Boy Bed), I decided to finally update his names above the bed to match.  I wasn't sure I could pull it off, but I'm pleasantly surprised with the outcome. 

I tried to locate a 'before' picture of the letters on the wall in Ell's room, but they are hiding right now.  So instead, here is a few pictures of the BBB, with the Big Boy himself.  
My boy and his treasures.  Notice Minnie snuggled up next to him.  

Up close of the duvet--purchased at Ikea.  

And the results:

I used the letters we already had from Hobby Lobby that had been spray painted the green color.  Then I took a pencil and sketched different designs that would match and/or compliment Ell's "Cars Blankey."  I used acrylic paints, then sealed with a polycrylic gloss sealant.  If you attempt this, be aware that to get good coverage, it took at least 3 coats of paint to achieve the desired outcome.  At the last moment, I decided that  the designs would stand out better if I outlined it all with an extra-fine Sharpie.  Ta-da!

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