Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lazy Bargain Hunting

A bargain is a total rush for me.  But I also really don't love to have to work for a bargain.  I'm lazy.  Lazy and cheap.  Sometimes this works in my favor, mostly by accident.  I'm convinced that the huge consignment sales are geared to me--I'm the perfect customer.

With the impending arrival of Jose (Tres, for some), came the realization we need just a couple of important items--a double stroller and a pack-and-play.  And y'all, it's consignment season.  I hit two today.  Despite my $8 entrance fee ($5 for parking and $3 for shopping), the first stop was a bust.  I had sweet Brook-Brook with me and one look at the lack of furniture and then no stroller that was fitting, along with the line wrapped around the room convinced me to cut my losses.

Enter sale number 2.  Turns out that many were swayed by the lure of the big sale and the smaller one was calm and fully stocked.  Ha!  There it was, the double stroller.  One hundred dollars cheaper than retail.

It has a little bit of wear and tear, the seats need to be cleaned up, but it will accommodate an infant seat and sweet Brook-Brook with no problemo.  Now, it's not the uber-fancy stroller that I took for a test drive today in buybuy Baby, but remember how I'm cheap?  Yeah.  So the price tag of $375 +tax, I had to walk away from that five-foot long dream monstrosity.

To top off the score, I got some adorbs hairbows on super-sale, 3 pieces of work-worthy maternity clothes for $12, 2 cute polos for the Ell-monster for $5, a Hanna Andersson dress for $6 and a couple of other fab spring outfits for next year for B-B.  

It was a successful day. . . until I spent 20 minutes wrestling that damned amazing stroller into my car because I couldn't figure out how to make it fold up.  I kept hoping someone would take pity on me and come to help, but no such luck.  I think I don't look pregnant enough yet.  I mean, because people are much more likely to help a super-pregnant lady, right?


Helen Hopkins said...

You know the loving to get a bargain and laziness is genetic. Or learned behavior from your Mom.

jill said...

did you get the stroller? we have the same one.