Thursday, November 10, 2011


Our house has no privacy.  None.  It's a good thing that my husband still loves me after witnessing me birthing two darling children, because there are horrific moments when he's seen me pee.  On the toilet.  Which makes me think our marriage is doomed just like Janene Garafolo's character proclaims her parents' to be in the ultimate 90s movie, Reality Bites.

All of this is to say that my. . . ahem. . .you know. . .my period is back.  Shh.  This makes me blush like an 8th grader.  I promise that I only share this news for the purpose of humor.  My child is the epitome of curiosity.  For the first time in what I am sure will be a long, long tradition--I stumbled over the answers to his questions.  Stuttered.  Sputtered.

"What dat, Mommy?  What dat?  Dat for me?"

"Uh. . . it's for mommies.  It's just. . .a. . .thing."

"What for, Mommy?"


"What for, Mommy?"

Now I know why my mom used to say things like, "I just want to poop in peace."  No 2 1/2 year old BOY is ready for the truth about tampons.


jill said...

since my 2 1/2 yr old can turn door knobs now, i also, have NO privacy. it is rather funny when he took a tampon and pretended to use it. his father didn't find it so humorous.

A.B. said...

My baby regularly puts on makeup witha brush... though we have not ventured into the tampon discussion (or corks) as ben calls them. Maybe he'll just not notice? Or never learn to turn door knobs?

Macy said...

You are a brave lady for posting this. So far I have managed to avoid it. We often get around having to be really descriptive or truthful by telling William, "That's for big hands." As in, your hands are too little to be touching that, Boy. Put it down and back away.