Saturday, April 23, 2011

What if?

I have to admit, my toddler is adorable. Not just because I'm his mommy, but because he's got the right gene distribution to be one cute kid. See?

I mean who wouldn't just swoon over eyelashes such as his? Ell's eyelashes are direct from Poppy, who said that women fussed over his eyelashes constantly when he was a child and it just annoyed him. Not fair, is it? And the color of his eyes? Sweet button nose? Okay, I'm verging on obnoxious, so I'll stop now.

So my "what if" of the day is this: What if Brooklyn isn't cute? What if, instead of the just right combination of genes Elliott received, she gets the. . .ahem. . . less complimentary combination? I feel like it's assured that those gorgeous eyelashes will pass her by, simply because she has two X chromosomes and would actually appreciate the length. What if acquaintances say, "Oh bless her heart, her brother is so cute. . .?" What if I look at her and wonder the same thing? I guess time will tell. Three-ish weeks and counting.

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Gwen said...

Courtney, I often have the same fears!!! And I would have to agree that Ell is one cute as a button kiddo!!!