Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Disturbing Freedom of Ideas

It turns out, as every pregnant woman knows, that there is no shortage of advice and observations for those with child. Just today (in ONE. SINGLE. DAY.), I had 3, count 'em THREE, people basically tell me that I'm a whale and there was no way I'm making it to my due date. Um? Really?

Equally disturbing are the people who tell me how difficult my life will be with two kids. And how exactly should I respond? "Oh, if it gets too rough I'm giving the new one to my mom?" OR "Darn it, I knew we should've consulted you before deciding to enlarge our family." OR "What do you think I should do about 'it' now?"

Luckily, I'm still on the anti-anxiety/anti-depressant and these comments did not send me into a total meltdown of epic pregnant-lady proportions. Nope. I just kind of giggle and walk away, all the while looking at my ever-protruding belly wondering how it's possible to get bigger. . . and how to keep my shirts from shrinking.


A.B. said...

I'll take the old one or the new one. I guess you already kind of have a "thing" with the old one, so I guess I'll take the new one. I'll remind her of how I picked her middle name. What? I had to say it.

Oh, and people are jack asses. In general they have zero capabilities when talking to pregnant women. You should gett Ell a shirt that says "My mom doesn't want your advice." Get one for Brooklyn, too. Because you KNOW that the advice is just beginning.

EMAAC said...

People can be total dooshwads. When I was preggers with my 3rd people would ask me, "was it planned?" I would look at them-deadpaned- and reply, "why, yes, I did intend to have sex with my husband. Thanks for asking." I'm glad you can take it with a grain of salt... if someone else tells you that you look huge you might consider replying with, "Gosh, I was just about to say the same thing about you." *sigh* you're in the home stretch. Keep your chin up. :)

Courtneytcu98 said...

Liz, I love the term "dooshwads." It's taking up permanent residence in my vocab. And yeah. . . I can totally imagine the deadpan comment. Genius!