Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's That Smell?

After spending several weeks days trying to figure out the source of a pesky funk, I have decided that the source is ME. Specifically, my armpits. Evidently I blocked out this pleasing side effect of pregnancy. Turns out my Secret Clinical Strength isn't a match for the hormone overload in my pit-region.

In more positive news, we got to hear Baby Buster's heartbeat chugging along yesterday at the doctor's office. After four weeks with only little squiggles in my belly to let me know that he/she is alive and well, that rhythmic pumping is music to my ears. I was especially anxious with my friend's complicated pregnancy experience right now. Sometimes a trip to the doctor can relieve my fears. However, the anxiety leading up to the appointment definitely doesn't help the perspiration. . . Do you think the nurse had to use air freshener in the exam room after I left? How embarrassing.

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