Monday, November 8, 2010

Announcements from the Depths of Fatigue

I've finally drug myself from the pits of exhaustion to admit to the interwebs that Baby Buster is on his/her way! It's true. Elliott will have a sibling of the human variety arriving sometime mid-May.

I say human variety because, let's face it, my kid totally thinks that Humphrey is his sibling. And for the most part, he's right. We've been working diligently on teaching him something other to say than "Get down, Humphrey."* We now get the occasional, "Good boy, Humphrey."*

*Asterisk required in case one might think that Elliott's utterances actually sound this clear. . . despite having a speech therapist for a mom, this is not the case. I have a tiny complex about it.


A.B. said...

I will reiterate... he isn't yet 2.

that to say, if G can't say his R's he's coming to stay with you. He just can't be Gwiffin Andwew

EMAAC said...

Fabulous news! Hope the exhaustion part ends soon and the feeling great part lasts throughout!