Saturday, January 12, 2013

Catchlight. That Girl. She has My Heart.

I'm still working on this 'catchlight' thing.  Otherwise known as making eyes sparkle.  So this afternoon when Brookie was demanding "Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit" (hint: doesn't sound like 'sit'), I whipped out the camera and snapped away.  Most of the images ended up in the trash.  For some reason, I couldn't make a lower ISO work for me, but I did pay attention to the catchlight-thing.  I'm liking the results.  I know it's bragging, I know it's my job as a parent, but this little girl is beautiful to me.  I'm a lover of black and white images, but can hardly make myself put her photos in that format because then you lose the vibrancy that are her eyes.  I have problems--like allowing my child to entertain herself with my "moan" (read: phone) in order to get pics. No doubt these poses will be repeated in her teen years.  I mean, unless her dad and I go all hard-ass and say,  "No cell phone ever because you might take nude pictures or boys might call you and that could lead to kissing and stuff and you are our baby girl."  That's a real possibility, people.  

So serious.  I like this one, but wish I had taken time to clean her face (parenting fail) and change her shirt. 

I lurve this.

Clearly too blown out, even if I do love how her eyes look.

I think the white balance is off in this one?  But yeah, her eyes really are that blue.

Obvi, I couldn't decide if color or B&W was the way to go. . .

A look and pose destined to be repeated in her teen years. 

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