Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two Months of Lurve

10 months of shock has led to 2 months of joy, exhaustion and a lot of screaming (the baby, not me).  I wasn't sure I really wanted a third baby or that I would love him, but let me tell you that as he takes his (relatively) large hands and grasps the neck of my shirt and holds on or flashes a gummy grin or his special baby scent floods my nose during those late night feeding sessions, love him I do.  Following the trend of his brother and sister, he is skinny--10 pounds, 8 ounces--in the 10th percentile, but fear not because he has a giant noggin like his brother--95th percentile and is 24.25 inches long, the 75th percentile.  Now that we know I make skinny babies there is less cause for alarm, more embracing of this special soul in which we have been entrusted.  Did I mention he's phenomenally cute? Yep.  See for yourself.  AND he's meeting all his milestones.  Rolling, smiling and cooing.

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