Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Day at the Park & Slight* Parenting Fail

Spring has sprung here in Texas.  It is a time of possibilities, time to get outside before it's too blooming hot to leave the a/c.  We took advantage by visiting Trinity Park--perhaps the best park in Fort Worth.  I have to admit it was spur of the moment and my poor Brook-Brook went without a nap until around 3:30.  We're quite lucky that she's an easy-going baby.  If we had tried this with Ell at the same age, I'm afraid there would be hell to pay.  We fed ducks, played on the massive playground, ate a picnic lunch and rode the train.

Precious girl, chillin' under a tree.

Time with Daddy.

Turns out that with three year olds, you have to plan ahead for potty breaks. Parenting fail.  In a moment of extremely slight panic, we decided Ell could pick a tree.  Unfortunately this was in sync with the train going by his chosen tree.  We encouraged pee-stalling by trying to get him to wave to the train.  Somehow those instructions got jumbled in his head.  Before we knew it, Ell had dropped his drawers and was waving at train passengers enthusiastically.  I looked on in stupefied humor. . . by the time I could eek out that Chris needed to help, we heard the squeals of laughter from the train cars and Chris was doubled over in laughter. Good news.  Elliott never caught on that this might be a bit inappropriate.

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Merino's said...

OMG I love that you took a picture of it!!! Love it!