Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Modesty Shredded

I'm on labor-watch. That means every wonder, "Is this it?"

So my husband convinced me tonight to have a glass o' wine, some fruit, chocolate and a bucket-load of cheese. Wise? Definitely not. Everyone knows what cheese does to a digestive tract. Turns out, the plugging properties of cheese are not an asset to a body who already has the body of another person sitting on her intestines. Now that over-full, maybe-I-need-to-poo feeling is making me question: contraction or intestinal distress? Time will tell, I suppose. And I will avoid making the comparison of pushing being universal for either phenomena. . .

1 comment:

A.B. said...

but maybe you will think you need to poo and then out pops a baby? I saw it on TV once. must be true.