Monday, August 18, 2008


Just FYI, my little revolving baby is totally off--I am not 19 weeks, I'm 16! Ha. Guess that ticker is trying to move me along :)

The past week or so has been all Olympics! I'm sure most of you know that I am obsessed with the Olympics. I'm totally addicted. Chris and I have decided that it has totally wrecked our sleeping schedule. Go figure that the Olympics would change my pregnancy bedtime of 10:00!

Great news today--Chris had his oral interview for Fort Worth PD and it went very well. There is a chance he may have to complete the extended, 31 week-long academy instead the abbreviated, 12 week-long, academy for officers already certified. This is due to UTSW wacky policies and little experience actually working major crimes. He only has 2 steps left--a psychological interview and a physical by a medical doctor. I'll update as the stages progress. Please keep fingers crossed!

I am feeling great these days and for the most part, my energy has returned, thank goodness! I still can't overdue things without paying for it the next day, but overall life is good. So my tummy is getting bigger, heartburn is getting worse, have some swelling at the end of the day, and still have some hip pain, but nothing unbearable. Zantac is my friend! Chris and I have made the decision to use cloth diapers, so I have been doing lots of research and have received a few that I've ordered off the internet, as it's difficult to find them in stores. It's a bit overwhelming, but I am really excited about it.

On to other news, after discussion with our realtor, we have set November 15th as a deadline for selling our house. If it is not sold by then, we will just make the best of things here and turn our guest/computer room into a nursery. Not ideal, but we can certainly make it work.

Hope you all are well!

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Amanda Thomas said...

So glad you shared this with me :) I have some links to email you with some local diapering services f you are interested, we used cloth with Kaitlyn for the first 3 months and LOVED it :)

Good luck today can not wait to read your update!!!!!!